Over a century ago, the Jafferjee family established a business as expert saddlers in the city of Quetta, then British India. Soon the product line expanded to shoes, leather goods and leather upholstered furniture. With a commitment to using the finest materials and uncompromising workmanship, the Jafferjees name established itself as the purveyors of high quality leather goods in India. In the late 1920’s, the booming port city of Karachi presented new opportunities and challenges, and a lone Jafferjee moved to the big city. In 1935 nature played its hand. A massive earthquake transformed the city of Quetta to a heap of rubble, and Jafferjees business center shifted to Karachi. Today, one encounters at the Jafferjees outlets the same meticulous attention to detail, the finest materials, and an uncompromising craftsmanship that ‘Jafferjees’ business was established upon. A tradition of quality.

By 1988, the Jafferjees name had become synonymous with leather products of unmatched quality in Pakistan, necessitating the need for a brand identity. Within a short period, Jafferjees clientele witnessed the infusion of a branding strategy that not only restated Jafferjees unparalleled quality, but also established it as the brand of choice for high fashion genuine leather products.

Over the past 125 years, Jafferjees has transformed the creation of genuine leather products into an art form. From a Key Fob to exquisite Luggage Sets, Jafferjees hand crafts a wide array of products. Be it a lady’s evening bag that reigns undisputed as a conversation piece, a document case that makes a statement on its own, or a desk accessory that demands attention, there is an article to delight the most demanding connoisseurs of fine leather.