Q 1 - Are Jafferjees products made of real leather?

A 1 - Yes. All articles are manufactured from genuine leather, unless specified otherwise.

Q 2 - Are the products offered online different from those available in Jafferjees stores?

A 2 -  No. They are same, but all styles may not be offered online. If you have seen an item in one of our stores but cannot find it at Jafferjees.com, please write to customerservice@jafferjees.com

Q 3 - What is Embossing & Font Styles?

A 3 -  We offer FREE personalization service. Jafferjees can emboss any name on the product(s) (where applicable). You can choose a variety of font styles, from “See Fonts” link on the item page. 

Q 4 -  How are the items packed?

A 4 -   Depending on the item(s) you are ordering, it will be packed in a Jafferjees cloth bag and/or box and wrapped in customized Jafferjees paper. 

Q 5 -  How can I write names for embossing if quantity is more than one?

A 5 -   Embossing text can be separated with a comma, on purchase of two or more items in one order.

Q 6 -   Is there a limit to online purchase(s) on credit/debit card (master/visa)?

A 6 -   No, there is no limit on credit/debit card (master/visa) purchases. However, we suggest you to please contact us at info@jafferjees.com before making online purchases above Rs. 50,000.

Q 7 -   Can I charge the same credit/debit (master/visa) card twice within 30 days time period to make my online purchase(s)?

A 7 -   Yes, it is possible.

Q 8 -   Can I place an order of more than 10 pieces of a single product?

A 8 -    Depending on the item(s) you wish to purchase, we request you to please   contact us at info@jafferjees.com before proceeding further.

Q 9 -  What modes of payment does Jafferjees.com accept?

A 9 -   Jafferjees.com accepts the following modes of payment:

- Credit/Debit Card (Master/Visa)
- Online  Bank Transfer (for Pakistan only)
- Cash on Delivery (for Pakistan only)

Q 10 - Where and how should I send the payment for Online Bank Transfers?

A 10 - Please note our bank accounts information for Online Bank Transfers (only for Pakistan).

Account # 0949-202240055
IBAN #: PK06 UNIL 0109 0002 0224 0055
Account Title: Jafferjees Private Limited
Bank Name: United Bank Limited
Branch: Clifton, Karachi – Pakistan.


Account # : 06-01-57-20311-714-220449
IBAN #: PK23 MPBL 0157 0271 4022 0449
Title : Jafferjees Private Limited
Bank Name : Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited.
Branch : Clifton, Karachi – Pakistan.


Note: Please email to customerservice@jafferjees.com a copy of your deposit slip once you have deposited the necessary amount in our account.

Q 11 - What is order verification form (OVF)?  

A 11 - In order to curb the misuse of customer credit/debit cards (master/visa) we shall send you an Order Verification Form (OVF) on customers registered email address, if required.  All information required in the OVF must be fulfilled in order to process your order.

Q 12 - What should I expect to happen once I place an online order?

A 12 - As soon as you place an order, we will send an email confirming that your order has been received (your order number will be included). This email should arrive within 24 hours. 

Q 13 - What is the delivery time?

A 13 - Depending on the availability of stock and quantities ordered, please allow 5 - 15 working days for deliveries within Pakistan. For international orders, customers must provide up to 2 weeks in case of Courier and 3-4 weeks in case of Airmail, for processing and delivery of orders. In the event of any order that cannot be processed within a specified time, Jafferjees will inform the customer at its earliest. 

Q 14 -  What if an item I have ordered is out of stock?

A 14-   Although we make every effort to maintain stock and satisfy our customers, occasionally we run out of certain items. If we are short on stock on an item that you have ordered, we will notify you via e-mail. Any changes will be reflected in your order total, as well as your shipping confirmation. 

Q 15 - How do I track my order?

A 15 - As soon as you place an order, we will send you an email that confirms that your order has been received (your order confirmation number will be included). This email should arrive approximately within 24 hours. You can check status of your order by clicking on "Order History" link.

Q 16 - What if I have forgotten my order #?

A 16 -  In case if you have misplaced your order #, please send an email to customerservice@jafferjees.com. Include your full name, address, email address and order placing date.

Q 17 - How do I change or cancel an order?

A 17 - If for any reason you would like to cancel or change your order with Jafferjees.com, please write to customerservice@jafferjees.com as soon as possible. We will do everything that we can to accommodate your request. We cannot cancel or change an order once it has been embossed and/or has entered the shipping process. 

Q 18 - How do I take care of my Jafferjees leather product?

A 18 - To maintain the quality, look and feel of your Jafferjees leather product, use a high quality cream to clean and refurbish. Minor deviations in color, minimal imperfections and wrinkles guarantee the genuineness of material. 

Q 19 -  Can I order online and collect items from any of Jafferjees outlets by paying Cash?

A 19 -  No. Our online store www.jafferjees.com is a separate entity and has no link whatsoever with any of our outlets. You will have to buy and pay online and your ordered items will be delivered to your given address. 

Q 20- Which browser should I use to view your website?

A 20- Jafferjees website is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (or above) or Google Chrome.

Q 21 - Should I change my monitor settings to view your website?

A 21 - Our website looks best at a screen size of 1024 x 768 pixels till 1440 x 900 (landscape). You will get the best results from our website when your monitor is set at millions of colors; all images, except photographs, are optimized for 256 colors. 

Q 22 - Are the colors shown on your site appearing accurately on my screen?

A 22 - We try our best to display the colors of our products as accurately as possible. You will be able to best view our website when your monitor is set at millions of colors, although all images, (except for photographs), are optimized for 256 colors. Please write to info@jafferjees.com with any questions about merchandise colors.